Cyclist socializing is only at its beginnings in Bratislava but it is developing and more and more events are organised every year.

Critical Mass

As it is in hundreds of other cities of the world, Bratislava also witnesses a monthly cycling ride called Critical Mass, which is a manifest of cycling when an unorganised crowd of cyclists moves around the town streets and thus demonstrates the strength of cyclists as road users who have to be counted on. The ride is not organised by an official organiser and the participants meet every last Friday of every month on the SNP square in the city centre at 6 p.m .( more information is available on the website of the Critical Mass). The ride is famous for its positive atmosphere, good mood and the feeling of fellowship. If you are in Bratislava on the last Friday of the month, you cannot miss this event.


Cycling tour Trail of Friendship

This is a really big event held at the end of May, its participants travel across the area of three countries (Slovakia, Austria and Hungary). The event is attended by more than 1000 cyclist riding on the several tens of kilometre long trails. Minor cultural events, welcoming in villages visited by the peloton, buffets etc. are an integral part of this event.