Tourist products

If you decide to spend more time on this passage of the Iron Curtain Trail, you can enjoy some of the offers and activities prepared for tourists.

Accompanying on bicycles

Due to its location, Bratislava is a paradise for cyclotourism. Recreation and cyclotouristic trails three countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Austria) offer hundreds of kilometres of high quality and safe cycling trails. You can choose less demanding suburban trails or more variable trails in the highlands of Malé Karpaty including the trails leading through the most popular locations as well as through the locations not frequently sought after by tourists. Your cycling tours can be focused on history, nature, architecture and on the pure discovery of the country, local customs, cuisine, pool bathing or relax out of the city.

Accompanying on bicycles is provided by several organisations:

  • Luka-tours, s.r.o.
  • – cycling tours focused on animal, especially bird observing
  • Daphne association – cycling tours focused on observing the bottom land of the river Morava

Accompanying in the town of Bratislava

Bratislava has always been the town of great significance. For several centuries, it was the capital city of the Hungarian empire, the crown place of 11 Hungarian kings and it gradually became an important economic and traffic centre. All of these aspects have influenced the character of the city centre, the Old Town. Although it is a compact unit and can be crossed in a few minutes, there are plenty of majestic buildings and palaces famous for their history as the places of ordinary and extraordinary events of the European significance. Do you know that Bratislava was the place where Napoleon signed the peace treaty between France and Germany? Are you curious which house was the concert place of Mozart?

A guide around the city can be ordered in the Information Centre of Bratislava.


Cruise trips

The Slovak passage of the Iron Curtian Trail leads along the two of important rivers – the smaller Morava and the majestic Danube. Cruise trips are possible to be realized on both of them, although it is not a regular activity on the river Morava. The regular cruise trips on Danube from Bratislava do Devín and Hainburg, as well as the trips to Čunovo can be connected with a cycling tour, whereas the cruise trips under the bridges of Bratislava are sufficiently interesting on their own. Extra cruise trips which are a speciality and which are held only a few times a year will lead you to Gabčíkovo, Štúrovo, Ostrihom, Krems or Tulln.
The cruise trips are offered by the Slovak shipping and port company.


Wine degustation

The highlands of Malé Karpaty are not a notoriously known viticultural area, but the wine produced here is undoubtedly of high quality. There are not only large viticultural companies, but also small independent wine makers for whom wine production is a commitment and hobby, not an earning activity. The wine degustation events and wine production presentations are offered not only by the local association called Malokarpatská vínna cesta(Wind route of Malé Karpaty) but also by some travel agencies in the region.